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This is the exact online strategy plan I used as a naturopath to stop wasting money on ads that didn’t work and have a steady stream of ready willing patients call me each and every week.

You want more patients through your doors.

You want to establish a credible name for yourself in your community so patients will trust you.

You want to educate your community.

You want patients to feel comfortable and safe in your office.

You want work more online to reach the world with your message!

All this WITHOUT sounding like you’re a sales machine.

None of us, as healers, like to be pushy or salesy to our patients.

But we’ve been told over and over that unless we push our supplements and programs we’re simply not going to make it.
My friends, I have learned there is a better way for us as holistic practitioners.

You can have programs that help change people’s lives.

You only need to see a few patients each week because you’re seeing the right patients who are compliant and ready to do your program.

And you won’t have to spend goo gobs of money on ads that really don’t work for our industry.

The trick is to have a patient attraction strategy that is automated, builds instant credibility.

Successful Online Marketing Strategies To Increase Profits And Patients In The Next 90 Days

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What Clients Are Saying

“I was totally frustrated with my next step. People were calling me constantly but I felt like I was not reaching the right people. And I certainly didn’t have a good system in place.

Judy helped be with my Video Strategy, which wasn’t easy at first. But her patience and persistence really paid off. I now get people asking about my videos all the time.

Plus I have much more clarity about my niche and how to reach the right people. You can’t go wrong working with Judy!”
Kathy Hall
Naples, Florida
“Judy Seeger came to Budwig Center, Spain in June 2017 and quickly saw how she could offer her services to help us with our marketing strategy.

Overnight she produced 3 options for us to choose from and started helping us with presentations and our Home page.

She is a punctual person that delivers and enjoys working with a team that has the same values. She help us put together videos and emails as well as other tools to help us use a system that works with our logistics.

She is very perceptive and sharp. Her experience has helped us greatly and we remember her when we analyze the reasons our clinic has been doing well steadily since accepting her help.”
Kathy Jenkins, ND
Managing Director, Budwig Cancer Center, Malaga, Spain

Judy Seeger, ND

I’m Judy and as a traditional naturopath with over 30 years of experience I’m here to get you the best results in the shortest time possible! I have tried any therapies in my clinics but have found Ozone Therapy to be the most effective by far. I personally used it when I had Lyme Disease. I still use Ozone Therapy because I’ve seen it work.

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