Get 10 Patients Challenge

Get into the 3 Day ‘Get 10’ Patients Challenge

Let’s get SMART! Getting new patients into your program doesn’t have to be complicated.

If you counted on word-of-mouth referrals before and now have no one calling you…this is what you need to do next

We’ll talk about what it takes to be successful online with simple, easy to implement strategies – (1) hour

Then Q &A after.

Look, right now the crisis has everyone upside down.

But you have to think smart in your business.

Yes you can offer supplement packages to them but is that enough to maintain your practice? Hardly.

You need smart proven strategies using simple platforms. No one has time or the skill set to learn complicated tech stuff!

And it’s totally not necessary.

What IS necessary is connecting with the patients who are looking for your specialty right now and not concerned about the money. They just want YOU and your solutions.

Lets get into the strategies that work in OUR industry from a woman’s perspective.

I’ve been in alternative medicine for 30 years and online for 10 years. I have shortcuts with strategies that work.

Get into the 3 Day ‘Get 10’ Patients Challenge

What You’ll Learn:


If you’re feeling out of your routine without your office practice and everything feels a bit disorganized and scattered in your life… it’s time to get a grip with these strategies.

Get into the 3 Day ‘Get 10’ Patients Challenge

About Judy Seeger, ND

Judy Seeger is a Naturopathic doctor now specializing in working with female holistic practitioners to create their successful online strategies. With more than thirty years in the field of alternative medicine and running two successful holistic clinics she has now been online since 2010. Her virtual practice has sky rocketed using proven Video Strategies and has achieved 3.1 million views on youtube. Her mission now is to help catapult holistic practitioners to the front lines for their patients to be quickly accessible using a simple 3 step strategy.


“I have been in the wellness industry over 35 years, and I've had the opportunity to work with pretty incredible people over those years. But I must say, one of the best business moves I ever made was to work with Judy Seeger. Not only did my sales increase, my coaching clients increased, but the traffic to my website was tremendous for several months after we worked together.

I know if you're thinking of working with Judy you'll find her to be very pleasant, very organized, she's very passionate about healthcare and best of all you're going to see RESULTS!"
Dr. Veronique Desaulniers, DC (aka ‘Dr. V’)
“Judy Seeger came to Budwig Center, Spain in June 2017 and quickly saw how she could offer her services to help us with our marketing strategy.

Overnight she produced 3 options for us to choose from and started helping us with presentations and our Home page.

She is a punctual person that delivers and enjoys working with a team that has the same values. She help us put together videos and emails as well as other tools to help us use a system that works with our logistics.

She is very perceptive and sharp. Her experience has helped us greatly and we remember her when we analyze the reasons our clinic has been doing well steadily since accepting her help.”
Kathy Jenkins, ND
Managing Director, Budwig Cancer Center, Malaga, Spain
“I knew NOTHING about videos or emails …I am completely NON techie. But Judy was incredibly patient with me and made me feel super comfortable doing the videos (which I had never done before). We had a lot of good laughs too!

I highly recommend Judy – she is knowledgeable and knows her stuff when it comes to online branding. People LOVE my new program, which Judy helped me create.”
Janette Kortman
Cleonia, Pennsylvania
“I was totally frustrated with my next step. People were calling me constantly but I felt like I was not reaching the right people. And I certainly didn’t have a good system in place.

Judy helped be with my Video Strategy, which wasn’t easy at first. But her patience and persistence really paid off. I now get people asking about my videos all the time.

Plus I have much more clarity about my niche and how to reach the right people. You can’t go wrong working with Judy!”
Kathy Hall
Naples, Florida

Get into the 3 Day ‘Get 10’ Patients Challenge

Judy Seeger, ND

6 Figure Holistic Practice

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