Ready to triple your practice and have a ‘waiting list’ instead of a ‘wanting more patients’ list?

Then you need a proven business strategy that is so effective all you need to do is wake up in the morning to check your fully booked appointment calendar

We have the system.

We have the strategy.

We have the plan…to get more patients calling AND more awareness in your community’ than
you can handle.

Let’s make you the “Go-To” expert in your field!

Patient Attraction Plan

The only [5] Module Course with weekly training to increase your leads, get more patient and get more awareness in your community.


Fellow practitioners! I want you to succeed in your business AND spread your healing message to the world.

You want more patients through your doors.

You want to establish a credible name for yourself in your community so patients will trust you.

You want to educate your community.

You want patients to feel comfortable and safe in your office.

You want work more online to reach the world with your message!

All this WITHOUT sounding like you’re a sales machine.

None of us, as healers, like to be pushy or salesy to our patients.

But we’ve been told over and over that unless we push our supplements and programs we’re simply not going to make it.

My friends, I have learned there is a better way for us as holistic practitioners.

You can have programs that help change people’s lives.

You only need to see a few patients each week because you’re seeing the right patients who are compliant and ready to do your program.

And you won’t have to spend goo gobs of money on ads that really don’t work for our industry.

The trick is to have a patient attraction strategy that is automated, builds instant credibility.

“I was totally frustrated with my next step. People were calling me constantly but I felt like I was not reaching the right people. And I certainly didn’t have a good system in place.

Judy helped be with my Video Strategy, which wasn’t easy at first. But her patience and persistence really paid off. I now get people asking about my videos all the time.

Plus I have much more clarity about my niche and how to reach the right people. You can’t go wrong working with Judy!”
Kathy Hall
Naples, Florida
“Judy Seeger came to Budwig Center, Spain in June 2017 and quickly saw how she could offer her services to help us with our marketing strategy.

Overnight she produced 3 options for us to choose from and started helping us with presentations and our Home page.

She is a punctual person that delivers and enjoys working with a team that has the same values. She help us put together videos and emails as well as other tools to help us use a system that works with our logistics.

She is very perceptive and sharp. Her experience has helped us greatly and we remember her when we analyze the reasons our clinic has been doing well steadily since accepting her help.”
Kathy Jenkins, ND
Managing Director, Budwig Cancer Center, Malaga, Spain

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Finding the right team is a time suck – what a pain!

And who do you even hire to automate your biz?

You do launches and emails but hardly any convert

You’re frustrated that you are not helping more people with your knowledge.

You’re frustrated that you spend thousands on ads and not getting quality leads

You’re frustrated that you’ve spending hours and hours online and still don’t know how to
automate your practice effectively?

If you’re feeling disorganized, sporadic, ineffective and overwhelmed by the sheer amount of
marketing you know you SHOULD be doing…I feel your pain.  I’ve been there.

You need to get your marketing strategy down in a simple, cost effective automated system

I have the experience and the shortcuts to show you how to build an organic list. I give feedback that works because I’ve been in the trenches.

I’ve figured out what works and what doesn’t work.

Our industry, alternative medicine, is unique.

Typical marketing strategies are simply not the same.

It’s not about the SALE. It IS about helping people get well and stay well.

I stay with you and don’t hold anything back. You’ll get FULL support each and every week.

Who is this for?

This program is for any holistic practitioner who is motivated and ready to get their practice to the next level. If you’re ready to commit to a program that gets your practice running on auto pilot, this is for you.

GUARANTEE – Our program is totally committed to your ultimate success. We expect the same commitment from you. If you enroll in the Patient Attraction Plan, do the assigned work and don’t get value, we will happily provide a 100% refund within 14 days.

What’s Included:

The program takes you through 5 Modules of what it takes to set up and implement a Patient Attraction Plan.​

You start immediately! You will have instant access to your online program and private community. And you can rest assured you’ll never feel alone in your journey with our weekly online group sessions.

Program Overview

The right message equals the right patient. Which then leads to a much faster way of building your community. When you know the exact pain point you excel at there will be no doubt in your patients mind. Clear messaging leads to more patients.

I’ve learned that ‘low tech equals big check’. There are only 4 platforms you need to automate your online marketing to attract patients each and every week. Simple. Easy to use. And we can even show you how to find the right tech team if you don’t know how.

No more nickel and diming! You are worth way more than a few hundred dollars. Time to bundle up everything you have in your practice and sell it in all-in-one packages. You then have less patients, more money, more free time.

Building your community locally and internationally is quite a bit different and takes different
strategies. The system taught here is easy to implement. The strategy is taught via email
marketing with simple templates you can use that convert callers into patients

Your most powerful way of gaining credibility is through testimonials. But how do you get them
and what should it include. If a patient is happy with you that’s great but we want the juicy details. The key questions and methods in getting them are all covered here.

This interview with Lisa Fraley, attorney for holistic practitioners covers how to stay off the radar of the internet police. She also goes into:

– The legalities of using proper titles
– What you need to protect your online site/shop
– If disclaimers really work
– What you need to include in your Refund Policy
– Having a Patient/Client Consent Form – the do’s and don’ts
– What to understand with telemedicine consults
– What protection you need as an affiliate

Here’s the template I’ve tweaked over the years when patients call. You can use this or anyone in your office. No salsey push. Just a straightforward chat to get patients enrolled in your high ticket programs.

This is the basics I started with ten years ago. You get the checklist of exactly what you need
for each and every video you create.

You can’t just email once a month. That simply doesn’t work. Can you imagine the drug
companies putting out a commercial on tv just once a month? I didn’t think so! Consistent
email marketing with a clear call to action will get patients calling you for appointments.

Mini launches are super easy to setup and can quickly get patients in your doors within the next few weeks. I still use these online – because they work!

– PLUS you get not one but TWO monthly Group Calling Sessions.

– PLUS Private Facebook Group access to talk and network together.

– PLUS Monday Milestones where we check-in to make sure everyone is on track and staying
on track.

Judy Seeger, ND

6 Figure Holistic Practice

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