Holistic Nurse Success Event

Be Happy. Be Healthy. Be Profitable.


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ARE You...

Feeling burnt out, uninspired and unsure of how to move forward as a nurse?​

You deserve to feeling happy and being in love with your profession!

In the Holistic Nurse Success Event you’ll learn from top successful nurses who made the transition into holistic nursing. They are happy. They know how to take care of themselves. And they are doing very well financially.

They’ll Share:


Active RN License

It is possible to be financially stable
AND do the work you were trained to do that can actually change lives!

NOW you can find out exactly how.

If you want to be a holistic nurse that you believe can make a change because you’ve seen how the conventional system fail…​

If you want to be assured that you CAN make six figures with the right business strategies…​

It’s time to get your happy back! Get your health back and your ultimate well-being all while serving others who are seeking your help. It’s time to take your holistic nursing practice to extraordinary levels

Trina Felber, NP

Primal Life Organics

Leslie Parran

Holistic Nurse Coach, EFT Practitioner

Melanie Cross

Functional Plant Medicine Woman

Holly Deffert

Ozone Specialist, Regenerative Medicine

Peggy Oullette

Functional Family Psychiatry

Wanda Parks

Holistic Wellness & Lifestyle Coach

Jaime Boyachek

Functional Nurse & Nutrition Coach

Milan Chavarkar

Functional/ Integrative Medicine Specializing in Fertility

Judy Seeger, ND

Your Host & 6 Figure Patient Attraction Specialist

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